Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Folk dancers have been carrying the pride of the performing arts on their shoulders for ages. While these events are seldom hosted in cities, these folk dance events are quite frequent in villages. But, in villages too, misconduct of the audience during the events is quite often.

If you have ever watched any such event, you must have witnessed some mischievous youths climbing onto the stage and starting to dance along with other dancers. Even some start misbehaving with the dancers on the stage. 

Here we bring a similar video in which a youth can be seen dancing on the stage when two folk dancers are already performing; but, the youth gets taught a life lesson by the dancer. 

Though the youth didn’t misbehave with the dancers, he of course interrupted them during their performance. 

To everyone’s surprise, one of the folk dancers caught one youth by his waist and started whirling him round and round like a wheel. She continuously twirled the youth and towards the end of the video, the youth doesn’t seem to be normal and is helped by another person after the dancer frees him from her grip. 

This clip shared by Monu Sharma on Twitter seems to be quite hilarious and at the same time it's seen as a lesson for all those who do mischievous acts during such events. 

WATCH the video below: