Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of a fierce fight between two tigers has been going viral on social media platforms. The roar and punches of the tigers literally give goosebumps and make the video even more fascinatingly scary.

The video is reportedly from Ranthambore National Park. The few seconds clip was shared by an Instagram page titled, 'One Earth One life'. 

The caption of the now-viral video reads, “Two tigers deadly fight scene". After being shared on Instagram, the video garnered nearly 50,000 views and over 1,200 likes in just a few days. 

Watch the video below:


The video seems to have been recorded by some tourist in an open jeep. The video opens with the two tigers viciously jumping at each other. They can be heard growling, scratching and wrestling each other. However, they soon walk away in opposite directions. 

A user commented, “Woah it's so rare. Never seen this before. Goosebumps,” while another wrote, “The deadly roars gave me goosebumps.”

Similarly, a third user commented, "Those scratch noises are painful to listen to."

This isn’t the first time as earlier, a video of a tiger and a lion engaged in an intense ‘do or die’ battle had gone viral. The deadly fight starts with the tiger’s surprise attack on the lion. The King of the Jungle gets angry after the tiger’s attack and counter-attacks the tiger back.

The two predators can be seen brutally clawing and biting each other. Later, the tiger backs out after multiple injuries in his body and eye. Later, the lion gets tired of the fight and runs away.