Ramakanta Biswas

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho in his famous book ‘The Alchemist’ has written that the secret of life though is to fall seven times and to get up eight times. Failure is inevitable but it is hope that keeps us going in life. And a man from Bengaluru is the real life example that patience and perseverance lead us to success. 

Advin Roy Netto, a digital designer by profession, faced multiple rejections in a span of 10 years and finally bagged his dream job in Google. Advin shared his journey to Google in a social media post which went viral. 

“We generally see the good side of any story on social media. What we need to understand is the effort that went behind it," Advin’s Instagram post read. 

"Every year, when I don't hear back, I check what's wrong with me. I tried to make changes in my resume and portfolio and try again," he added, citing his journey through the 10 years,” he wrote. 

Advin also wrote a post on Linkedin that his dream job was Google. “In 2013, my Dad asked me, "What is your dream job?" "I want to work with Google or Apple," I said. Today, I wish he was here to see me fulfil that dream. I am excited to join Google and be a part of their design team. Dad -- this is for you!,” he wrote. 

“Thank you, mom, my partner Riya, my brothers (Alwinroy, Abin) and my friends -- You all played a significant role in shaping my career -- from critiquing my design work to pumping up my morale whenever I was down,” he added. 

After his story went viral, Advin took to Instagram and thanked everyone for showering love on him.  

“So one of my reels explaining my journey to google went viral. Thanks, everyone, for all the love. I am getting a lot of questions in my DM. While trying my best to respond to each of you, it is getting hard to track. I can see a pattern of similar questions asked by many. I will collect all of it and try to respond in post formats when I get time. Also thanks to all medics who featured me,” he wrote on Instagram.