New Delhi: Zebra Technologies on Wednesday unveiled a new scanner for grocers, discount chains and warehouse clubs to accelerate checkout lines for the Indian market.

Starting at $1,795 (about Rs 1,18,000), "MP7000" -- multi-plane 1D/2D imager -- is an intelligent illumination system which, on an average, consumes up to 60 per cent less power than competitive devices, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership and energy use while supporting corporate green initiatives.

"Zebra's new 'MP7000' scanner scale will help keep checkout lines moving and allow retailers to process more transactions per day," said Deep Agarwal, Regional Sales Director - India, Zebra Technologies, in a statement.

Zebra's advanced scanning technology enables the 'MP7000' scanner scale to quickly capture virtually any printed or electronic barcode in any condition - including Digimarc-enhanced product packages, reducing the time shoppers spend in line, the company said.

Zebra also introduced the "DataCapture DNA" software suite of productivity, management, application development and visibility tools and utilities.