Saswat Singhdeo

While WhatsApp has almost become an indispensable part of our lives, every little upgrade in the app plays a significant role as we love to customize the way we communicate with people.

The Facebook-owned platform, too, has time and again left no stone unturned to ensure that users get the best experience. In the latest upgrade, WhatsApp is set to increase the time limit to delete messages from the 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds to 13 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

The changes were confirmed by a Twitter account WABetaInfo. Apart from the change in "Delete For Everyone" feature, it is also apparently adding a new rule to the recall message.

"LIMITS UPDATED! WhatsApp has updated the "Recipient limit". What does it mean? If you delete a message for everyone, but the recipient won't receive the revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s (maybe because the phone was off), the message will **not** be revoked," WABetaInfo tweeted.

"This is a protection against modded users that revoked messages sent weeks, months and years ago. You can still delete a message for everyone within 1h, 8m, 16s as long as the recipient will receive your revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s," it added.

The 'Delete for Everyone' feature was rolled out last year to allow its one billion plus users revoke their messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group.

Initially, the time limit to delete messages was set at seven minutes, later it was increased to 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

According to an India Today report, WhatsApp is also planning to bring new sticker pack feature to the chat app.