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BlackBerry’s all-touch, water-proof device in October

San Francisco: Chinese electronics company TCL will launch a full touchscreen smartphone under the BlackBerry name in October — a month after Apple launches its new flagship iPhone 8 and a refresh of iPhone 7 devices.

According to a report in Engadget, TCL’s François Mahieu said the new phone would respect BlackBerry’s reputation for building hard-wearing devices for clumsy international travellers who will be working in all kinds of weather.

“The main feature, beyond the full-touchscreen, is the (planned) IP67 water and dust-proofing, as well as a battery rated to last for more than 26 hours of mixed use,” Mahieu was quoted as saying.

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It is clear that the company would keep durability and longevity as its biggest selling points.

Mahieu claimed that a number of iPhone and Galaxy users would “make the switch” to BlackBerry come October. He said that BlackBerry’s security know-how will enable TCL to deliver the “most secure Android phone in the world”.

The device is expected to cost less than other flagships.


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