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Baby Olive Ridleys
WATCH | Baby Olive Ridleys Make Run For Sea After Emerging From Eggs

WATCH | Baby Olive Ridleys Make Run For Sea After Emerging From Eggs

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Odisha Forest Dept Suspends Official For Embezzling Fish Seized From Gahirmatha
Odisha Forest Dept Suspends Official For Embezzling Fish Seized From Gahirmatha

Kendrapara: A forest department official, engaged in Olive Ridley turtle protection exercise at the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary, was suspended on Thursday for alleged embezzlement of fish seized from a trawler. Though around 18 quintals of sea fish had been recovered, the staff had put the quantity on record at only two quintals, Rajnagar Mangrove (Wildlife) […]

Olive Ridley Hatchlings In Gahirmatha
Nearly 2 Crore Olive Ridley Turtles Return To Sea From Odisha Beach

Kendrapara: Millions of Olive Ridley hatchlings have crawled their way to the sea over the past month after emerging from eggs at the Gahirmatha sanctuary here, marking the culmination of the annual sojourn of the endangered species to the Odisha island. Around 4.70 lakh female turtles had turned up to lay eggs, a phenomenon otherwise […]

Olive Ridley Turtles Begin Laying Eggs Along Odisha Coast

Puri: Olive Ridley sea turtles have finally begun laying eggs along the coast in Puri district. As many as 112 eggs were found in pits on Kuanrpur beach under Konark Wildlife division and have been transferred safely to a temporary breeding centre there. The Forest department has come up with four temporary breeding centres at […]

Odisha Gears Up For Conservation Of Olive Ridley Turtles

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has geared up the efforts for the protection and conservation of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles during the mass nesting. The government directed the departments of Fishery, Forest and Marine police to operate in close coordination and ensure strict enforcement of the conservation rules. Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy on Thursday chaired […]

Olive Ridleys return for mass nesting at Rushikulya

Ganjam: Thousands of Olive Ridley turtles have returned to the Rushikulya river mouth for the second time this season, indicating a change in their nesting pattern. According to reports, around 10,000 sea turtles have joined the second phase mass nesting at the beach since Wednesday keeping forest officials on their toes. Earlier during the first […]

Turtle hatchlings released into sea

Puri: A record number of turtle hatchlings were released into the sea at Konark and Astarang beaches in Puri, thanks to an increase in the survival rate and number of eggs laid, sources at the Forest department said. As many as 542 baby turtles were released in the first phase from three breeding centres at […]

fishing Gahirmatha
16 arrested for unlawful fishing in Gahirmatha

Kendrapara: Forest department personnel on Friday arrested 16 fishermen for trespassing into the prohibited corridors of Gahirmatha marine sanctuary, the breeding ground of olive ridley turtles. Two fishing trawls, used by the intruders to carry out unlawful fishing activities in the sanctuary, were also seized by the patrolling unit near Babuballi Island, a forest department […]

Protection units set up for safety of Olive Ridley turtles

Berhampur: In a bid to protect Olive Ridley sea turtles, the Forest Department has set up nine protection units near Rushikulya river mouth in Ganjam district. The Rushikulya river mouth, 45km from the silk city of Berhampur, is one of the biggest rookeries in the state for the endangered sea creature. “Countless pairs of Olive […]

Mass nesting of Olive Ridley begins early

Konark: The much-awaited mass nesting of the Olive Ridley turtles has begun at Konark beach. The rare sea turtles which generally arrive in December have arrived a month ahead. According to information, forest officials traced the first nesting late on Tuesday night nearby Kuanrpur breeding centre. The eggs were later brought to the hatchery where […]

Olly made official mascot of all sporting events in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In a significant decision that will be appreciated by sports and nature lovers alike, the Odisha government has decided to make ‘Olly’ the permanent mascot for all national and international sports events to be held in the state. With the decision, Olly will now be the official mascot of Odisha for all sporting events […]

Olive Ridley hatchlings
Puri beaches turn mass nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles

Puri: Thousands of Olive Ridley hatchlings crawling their way to the sea has turned out to be a spectacular site for environment lovers on the beaches of Odisha. And this is not in Rushikulya of Ganjam or Gahirmatha in Kendrapara district. The rare sighting of baby turtles has been found now in coastal areas of […]

2 lakh baby Olive Ridley turtles emerge in Odisha beach

Kendrapara: Emergence of baby Olive Ridley marine turtles along Gahirmatha beach on Odisha’s coast has provided relief to conservationists. Nearly two lakh hatchlings have emerged out of pits since past 24 hours, forest officials said today. The phenomenon of birth of babies sans mothers marks the culmination of annual visit of the turtles along Odisha […]

Gahirmatha Sea Turtle nesting
Despite erosion Gahirmatha still a favorite nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles

Kendrapara: Despite erosion of beach at Gahirmatha, convergence of lakhs of turtles at the nesting ground for mass nesting has come in as pleasant surprise for turtle lovers and wildlife experts. Though marauding sea has eaten up sizable portion of the geographical boundary of Gahirmatha beach at unmanned Nasi-2 Island, World’s largest known rookery of […]

olive ridley
Odisha a safe rookery or cemetery for Olive Ridley turtles?

Bhubaneswar: Odisha is the mating and nesting ground of 50 per cent of the world’s Olive Ridley turtles, the smallest and most abundant sea turtles, but increasing deaths — largely due to illegal trawling — threaten their existence and are causing increasing concern among wildlife lovers. Consider this: While 3,473 turtles died in 2010-11, the […]