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New Delhi: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will finally have its election on October 22 as per the Committee of Administrators (CoA) chief Vinod Rai. The CoA met in the Capital on Tuesday and the decision was reached by the three-member committee. The elections of the state associations are to be completed by September 14 and the names of representatives of state associations to BCCI are to be sent by September 23.

The appointment of the Electoral Officer by the BCCI and preparation of the electoral protocol by the Electoral Officer of BCCI in consultation with the CoA shall be communicated to all by June 30.

Speaking after the meeting, Rai said that while the elections will be held on October 22, the apex council of the state associations will now have 19 members in place of nine as discussed with the Amicus Curiae.

"The Amicus was asked to hold mediations with the state associations as they had filed about 80 IAs in the court. The court told the amicus that you hold mediations with them and come back to us. The state associations have come forward and accepted all the recommendations and about 30-odd state associations have now been rendered compliant.

"From the main constitution, only one concession has been made by the Amicus and that is that the Apex Council of the BCCI had a limitation of 9 members, which was supposed to be mirrored to the states also. But there were some practical difficulties and it was felt that we needed to increase this number and make it more flexible. It was jointly decided that it would be 19 which would also include the three appointed members. The amicus said the time is ripe to hold elections. The BCCI election will be held on October 22. Those who haven't complied will have to comply," he said.

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