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Report fake poll tweets with new tool for Twitter

New Delhi: Twitter on Wednesday announced a new tool to make it easier for users to report attempts to interfere in the general elections in India through spread of misleading information about voting.

The new feature, which is an addition to existing approach to tackling malicious automation and other forms of platform manipulation, would become effective from Thursday, Twitter said.

Social media platforms, including Twitter, earlier faced criticism from the government for being slow in removing fake news from their platforms.

Thus, if you see misleading information about how to vote or register to vote, including those that suggest that one can vote by tweet, text message, email, or phone call, you will be able to report such information for review from within the platform.

The rules will also cover misleading information about requirements for voting, including identification requirements, misleading statements or information about the official announced date or time of an election.

The platform, to start with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the European Parliament polls, will be rolled out for other elections, Twitter said in a statement.

In a blog post in February, Twitter said India was one of its largest and fastest-growing audience markets and the 2019 Lok Sabha was a key priority for the microblogging site.

It earlier launched its Ads Transparency Centre that allows anyone across the globe to view details on political campaigning ads and billing information.

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