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Chennai: The Indian government has decided to transfer all its earth observation/remote sensing satellites to a public sector undertaking (PSU) or central public sector enterprise (CPSE) for commercial utilisation, states the draft Space Based Remote Sensing Policy of India-2020. The DOS recently came out with its Draft Space Based Remote Sensing Policy of India-2020 and has called for comments and suggestions by Dec 11, 2020.

For a nation, earth observation or remote sensing satellites are eyes in the skies that take ground pictures for various applications including national security.

As per the draft policy the space assets for satellite remote sensing established hitherto by DOS comprising of satellite systems and associated ground segment shall be transferred at no/notional cost to its designated public sector undertaking (PSU) or central public sector enterprise (CPSE) for operational maintenance and commercial utilisation, as deemed appropriate.

Though the draft policy is silent on the PSU's name to which the remote sensing satellite assets are to be transferred, it will be NewSpace India Ltd. (NSIL) which has the mandate to own earth observation and communication satellites.

Similarly, remote sensing systems that are created upon fructification of research and development efforts shall also be transferred at no/notional cost, to the designated PSU/CPSE under DOS for commercial utilisation, when deemed fit, the draft policy notes.

The designated PSU/CPSE under DOS shall be free to adopt suitable pricing and marketing mechanisms to commercially utilize the capacity of transferred assets for remote sensing data services to suit the market demands.

The designated PSU/CPSE under DOS shall bring timely replacements for operational satellites with similar or enhanced capacity. Based on the demands, the PSU/CPSE will also take appropriate measures for ensuring continuity of space assets by development of satellites.

The designated PSU/CPSE under DOS can avail state-of-the-art facilities of the Government for manufacturing satellite and associated ground segment at no/notional cost, as deemed appropriate.

(With IANS Inputs)