Cyber security firm F-Secure acquires Digital Assurance

London: Cyber security company F-Secure on Thursday acquired British security consultancy firm Digital Assurance to make it easy for organisations to address the cyber security needs with the help of a single vendor.

The acquisition will allow F-Secure to combine its cyber security solutions with the Digital Assurance’s current offerings.

“This acquisition will help F-Secure grow successful service business to meet the ever-increasing demand for cyber security services,” said Jens Thonke, Executive Vice President of F-Secure’s Cyber Security Services, in a statement.

Digital Assurance’s team of cyber security specialists will help F-Secure bring its advanced technology and security expertise to a greater number of organisations in Britain.

“As modern threats are becoming more complex, targeted and persistent, effective cyber defences require comprehensive and proactive security operations that leverage the benefits of both human expertise and technology,” Thonke added.

Digital Assurance will become part of F-Secure’s Cyber Security Services business unit and the acquisition does not have a material impact on F-Secure’s financial outlook for 2017.