Content makes social media influencers popular: Report

Mumbai: As the digital entertainment space is booming and many Youtubers and social media influencers, like Srishti Dixit, Prajakta Koli, Gaurav Gera among others, are earning money and celebrity status, according to them, the ‘relatability’ factor of their content is the key to success.

Talking about the celebrity status of social media influencers, said comedian Rohan Joshi at the 20th edition of FICCI FRAMES, the global media and entertainment conclave, on Wednesday: “I think earlier it was about the fact that if you are a celebrity, there should be a mystery around it. Now your celebrity status has everything to do with your relatability to the people.”

On how brands are approaching social media influencers for the digital campaign and promotional activity, Srishti, one of the digital content creator, said: “I think when it comes to sponsorship and collaboration, brands come to us depending on the age group of our audience and if that matches up to their brand value.”

“I also think they consider it, on their budget. I mean, it is easier to appoint a social media influencer than a Bollywood celebrity or a cricketer. But yes, these things depend on the brand, social campaign, and the expected audience engagement,” she said.

Actor Gaurav Gera, popular on social media for his characters like ‘Chutki’, Shopkeeper’, said: “I think we are like TV channels. You know where we have subscribers and steady audience like the way TV channels have. We are primarily making videos to entertain and to engage with people.”

Talking about maintaining consistency of the content, Prajakta Koli, a YouTuber known as MostlySane, said: “It has to be a full-time job. We have to be in search of content and there is no day off for us. Especially, in our initial days, when we are doing everything — writing, performing, editing. But then, once you get a strong connection with the audience, you just go on.”

Have the digital influencers got their dues?

“I was having a conversation with someone who was saying how much budget is allotted for digital marketing, and the amount was massive. It tells us how the whole ballgame of marketing has changed. Whereas they want a Bollywood star for his/her reach, they also want a social media influencer for its relatability factor.”