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A huge asteroid named 2019 NJ2 with a diameter of nearly 2017 feet will move towards Earth today. According to the NASA’s CNEOS(Center For Near Earth Studies), asteroid 2019 NJ2, will reach its closes distance to Earth today at 7.53 pm (Standard Time).

Reports claim that the asteroid 2019 NJ2 is currently moving at a speed of 30,000 miles per hour. However, the giant heavenly object will be roughly 3.1 million miles away from the planet’s centre during its approach.

The asteroid 2019 NJ2 was first spotted on June 29 this year. According to CNEOS, the asteroid’s first recorded nearest approach happened in the year 1952 when it flew near Venus. So, should we worry about it? Absolutely not as the asteroid will zoom past the Earth but won't touch its surface.


As per the predictions, in the future too, the same asteroid will once again come near earth in July 2119 but will remain way farther than it is right now.

Last year in December, a huge meteorite blasted over the Bering Sea, releasing energy said to be 10 times more than the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast. However, the 173-kiloton explosion didn't come to limelight as it took place in a remote area, reported Mashable.

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