Ashutosh Mishra

By Ashutosh Mishra

London: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is an extremely popular figure among the members of the Indian community here with a high degree of respect for his domestic and foreign policies. Back home there may be doubts about his ability to steer the economy out of a difficult situation with unemployment growing and government struggling to keep inflation in check but Indians here appear convinced that he can put things back in order and take the country forward. In fact, a large majority thinks that he has already made good most of his election promises.

Maha Vishnu, a Chennai native who has been living here for last two years, says even Modi’s critics are running out of issues against him. “ He has not put a foot wrong. People even in villages are happy. Despite fears of a slowdown the economy is doing fine. Our country’s image at the international level has gone up. He is one of the best Prime Ministers we have ever had. A strong leader who backs his decisions,” gushes the young man with interest in astrology.

Pratik Misra, who works as a consultant with a renowned auditing firm, thinks Modi is a forward looking leader with a vision. The economy, according to him, seems to have slowed down a bit after a period of growth, but the future holds promise. He finds the much debated Goods and Services Tax (GST), an excellent initiative to ensure a single tax system in the country and cannot even find faults with Modi government’s highly controversial demonetization move. “ As a concept it was definitely good,” quips Misra who is also impressed by Indian Prime Minister’s foreign policy which, in his opinion, has raised the country’s international standing.

“Respect for India and Indians has gone up because of his foreign policy,” says the professional who also approves of the Prime Minister’s policy on Jammu and Kashmir. “ Abrogation of article 370 conferring special status on J&K and its reorganisation into two different states and a union territory was the right step. Why should a particular area within the same country have a different status?” asks Misra.

Kunjan Patel, a city-based IT professional who hails from Gujrat, is a big Modi fan. “He did an excellent job as the chief minister of Gujrat and has done extremely well so far as the Prime Minister of the country,” says Patel who thinks demonetization was necessary to defang terror modules thriving on fake currency that was ruining the economy of India.

Slamming Modi’s critics for projecting him as a politician with a divisive agenda Patel asserts that people would not have voted the Prime Minister back to power had he followed a negative policy. “It is so much of propaganda by his opponents. But people are not going to believe it because the country is prospering. His foreign policy is excellent and the step that he took in Jammu and Kashmir recently by removing article 370 is praiseworthy. It will make the country strong,” avers Patel.

Modi’s support base among the Indians abroad seems to be growing.

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