Cassian Baliarsingh

Imagine walking up to your house rooftop and picking up some paddy whenever you need it! Well, though it might sound crazy, a man in Bengaluru has made it possible.

He has turned his house rooftop into a tiny paddy field. Thanks to his efforts, he doesn’t have to buy rice from the market like other Bengalureans.

The amazing story was shared by a Twitter user @zenrainman on his Twitter handle. Sharing beautiful pictures of his standing paddy read to be reaped, the user wrote, “Rice paddy grows on the terrace. Harvest in a month’s time. #Bengaluru.”

His tweet has developed curiosity among his followers who reached out to him to learn about the process. They took to the comment section and questioned him about the procedure. Many praised his praiseworthy efforts while others enquired if they could also grow paddy like him.

A user asked, “What is the yield one would get in a 20*20 plot?”

Earlier, there were reports of a Mengaluru couple, who turned their 1200 sqft terrace of their two-storied house into a paddy field. Every year, they plant paddy seedlings in the month of May-June just before the start of the rainy season. 

They have made the terrace water-proof where paddy is planted in 300 grow bags. Below are a few steps one can follow to grow rice in their rooftop:
- First, mix paddy seeds with cow dung and keep the mixture tied in a cloth for few days.
- Then, pour it on a bed of mixture of soil, sand and ash. 
- Then, the seedlings are planted in grow bags that have coir at the bottom and soil mixed with organic manure. 
- 3 paddy saplings are planted in one grow bag. 
- After harvest, half of the soil in the bag is replaced with fresh soil. 
- Saplings can also be grown in discarded helmets, water bottles, coconut husks.

Earlier, a China man had grown paddy in his house rooftop: