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Bhubaneswar: City based book store ‘Walking Book Fairs’ known for taking books to readers in the nooks and corners of the country, is making book lovers’ dream come true yet again. The store has come up with an unusual offer for readers who can get one book free for every purchase.

With a belief that books are for everyone and are a necessity for people, the founders of the unique book store, Satabdi and Akshay, want people from all walks of life to access them and get an opportunity to read quality books. Not just this offer, the duo has planned an All Odisha Tour of the book-truck starting from October 16. They have travelled over 20 states with their book truck since 2014 when they began ‘Walking Book Fairs’ selling books on the footpath and in public places starting their tour from Koraput.

The offer for free books continues till October 15.

"People come here in large numbers during different activities and events which are organized by us. To encourage reading among all ages we have come up with this offer and soon will begin our annual book truck tour," said Shatabdi.

Many well known writers including Ruskin Bond and Manoj Das have also visited this store during various events.



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