Voices: Is Diwali still only the festival of light?

Bhubaneswar: Diwali, the festival of light is not far. With people preparing themselves for grand celebrations on Diwali, a Supreme Court order has raised many eye-brows. On October 9, the honorable Supreme Court decided to put a ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR.

While many support it, many are completely against the ban. Others think this can be tried at least for once to see whether this reduces pollution in the country capital.

A PIL with a similar demand to ban crackers in the state has been filed at the Orissa High Court.

To know what the youth in Odisha thinks about such a ban on a festival like Diwali, odishatv.in met a few students in Bhubaneswar.

“I support cracker ban. It will be a good step for our health as crackers are polluting our environment and causing many respiratory diseases,” said Rakesh Roshan Swain.

“It is a good step to reduce noise and air pollution and I think it should be applicable everywhere not only in Delhi or Odisha but throughout the nation as Diwali should remain the festival of light and not the festival of sound,” said Anurag Kumar.

Another student Akash Prasad had a different opinion. He said, “Every year we celebrate Diwali with crackers so we can give it a try for one year but children should be allowed to burn “Phuljharees” and all those which do not affect the environment much and also do not cause noise pollution.”

It remains to be seen how far the ban is properly implemented in Delhi and if Smart City Bhubaneswar will ever shun crackers on Diwali for a better environment.