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Twitterati Is In Splits After #JusticeForKaku Floods All Social Media Platforms

A video of a domestic help arguing with her employers over Rs. 1800 has gone viral on all social media platforms. In the video that has been shot at an undisclosed location, the woman is heard arguing in Marathi over not being paid Rs 1800 as agreed and the man trying to convince her that he had already paid her Rs 1800 earlier. What follows is a hilarious banter between her and the men, giving rise to netizens flooding #JusticeForKaku memes and some even suggesting RBI to print Rs. 1800 notes.

Now many are intrigued to know how the problem was solved and the argument concluded. While the video has left many in splits, some also highlighted the problem of illiteracy with Yashomati Thakur, Maharashtra’s Minister for Women and Child acknowledging that it wasn’t right to mock her and that this video highlights financial literacy programmes should have more reach in our country.

In the video, the maid continues to deny that she has been paid in full while the men attempt to show her the math on a calculator but she refuses to accept it as an explanation and says that she received three Rs 500 notes and an additional Rs 300, but continues to argue that she hasn’t been paid Rs 1800. Even as they continue to argue, she asks them whether one of them is recording her, and the video ends.

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