Odisha bio-tech start-up aims to reach masses

Bhubaneswar: Sumona Karjee Mishra, a woman entrepreneur, launched a start-up Prantae Solutions in Bhubaneswar with an aim to translate high science and state-of-the-art technology into affordable devices and diagnostics solutions for rare and neglected health complications such as pregnancy disorder Preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension).

She believes that research should not be restricted within the walls of laboratories; instead masses should reap the benefits.

Speaking to odishatv.in, Mishra stated, “In India as well as across the globe, various disorders do not have early diagnostics. Though research is there, people are not getting benefitted. That is when I thought of establishing Prantae Solutions to innovate low-cost technologies to address neglected life-threatening problems.”

Here are the excerpts of the interview

On affordable medical services…
We are aiming to provide medical services at an affordable cost. There are various disorders which remain undetected. When someone reaches hospital at a critical stage, the person has to bear a lot of expenses. However, if someone is diagnosed early, treatment can be initiated timely and expenses will be less.

On how the idea clicked…

After completing PhD from JNU, New Delhi, I was about to pursue academics. In the meantime I got pregnant and was diagnosed with pregnancy disorder preeclampsia. At that time I realized a lot has been done on early diagnosis of this disorder, but nothing is available in the market. Around 10 million women every year are diagnosed with this disorder. I thought, as I am qualified it’s my moral responsibility to work on it. We undertook a field study and found out that there are several disorders which are neglected in terms of diagnostics coverage. And then, the idea to establish a company came to mind.

On challenges for start-ups…

I started the venture when there is a start up boom in the country. Within a year of setting up the venture, I have received grants and mentorship from different organisations. Currently, people are very supportive and angel investors are ready to fund, so the environment is very conducive.