Nagpur (Maharashtra): The Nagpur City Police's official Twitter handle @NagpurPolice on Monday won hearts for its simple but amusing tweets on the latest Chandrayan-2 mission by India.

In a tweet today, @NagpurPolice said: "Dear Vikram, Please respond... We are not going to challan you for breaking the signals!"

The obvious reference was to the announcement by ISRO today that the moonlander Vikram had been located and that it was now trying to re-establish contact.

Earlier on Saturday too, the @NagpurPolice had boosted ISRO's Chandrayan mission by tweeting: "We have not failed, We have taken a step forward in the advancement of science. Proud of Team."

"Dear @ISRO. We only lost communicatios, but NOT hopes. We are with you, India is with you! Jai Hind. #Chandrayan2."

That evening, Maharashtra cadre IPS officer and Nagpur's Deputy Commissioner of Police Vinita Sahu also earned admiration from social media for her comment.

"We are proud of India scientists, #ISRO. Despite being our 1st attempt (we) reached 2.1 km close and its just communication that broke," she tweeted.

Sahu added that, in fact, the Orbiter of #Chandrayan2 is operating successfully. So it was not a failure at all, rather India had reached closest to the the lunar south pole in its first attempt.

All these tweets elicited lot of reactions from the twitterati with many appreciating the messages both for their simplicity and spontaniety and also for the sense of humour.

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