Incredible mating dance amuse Twitterati

New Delhi: Simply born to dance is the feeling that the sight of this male bird inspires in all.

A rare video of a mating dance by a male Bird of Paradise has gone viral on the Internet and Twitterati is super amused.

Birds’ courtship rituals — from daring dives to intricate sequences including wing flaps, head dips, bill rubbing — is a sight to behold.

In many species, the male alone dances to win the female. She only judges the males and selects her favourite.

The video was posted by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda who captioned it: “The Passion stimulates…Love intoxicates…Superb bird of Paradise has an unusual low population of females. This explains one of the most elaborate courtship displays in the avian world.”

A user wrote: “Its looks like neon lighting show by a male bird for attracting her for a date, perhaps I should also try it in front of my gf.”

Another said: “Sir its very wonderful, during intoxication what male bird do? Or its happen only temporary!! Thank u sir for sharing, it’s a great example 4 learning and understanding (sic.).”

“OMG!!! Why can’t humans learn from the birds?” asked one user.A post read, “Very beautiful video of bird ,this is the gift giving by mother nature.Thanks to Nature Mother.”