Royal family seeks police protection alleging threat from Dharmasala MLA

Jajpur: Alleging police inaction and threat from Dharmasala MLA Pranab Balabantaray, the royal family of Chausathipada under Jenapur police limits of Jajpur district sought police protection today.

According to sources, son of scion Raghunath Samant, Dev Prasad was brutally attacked earlier in April this year. Following the incident, Dev Prasad’s mother had lodged a written complaint at Jenapur Police Station.

However, the royal family has alleged police inaction and partiality in probe into the attack since the attackers were supporters of MLA Balabantaray.

Seeking protection from police, the members of the royal family sought help from Jajpur SP Charan Singh Mina.

“Due to MLA Pranab Balabantaray, police have relaxed the charge sheet against the accused who attacked me and have also helped them flee since they were the legislator’s supporters,” Dev Prasad said.

However, the SP said that the case is sub judice and the police have done its duty to complete the probe and submit the charge sheet in connection with the matter.