Vikash Sharma

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday decided to act tough on misuse of designated parking space by various individuals and commercial units.

BMC today issued a notice to all owners, developers, builders of residential apartments, commercial buildings and other establishments to use their designated parking space for parking and not for other purposes.

In its notice, BMC has clearly stated that the space designated for parking in the basement/ground floor/ open area in the approved building plan has been either partially or fully converted to other uses such as commercial/ store/ office.

BMC further said that such action is leading to parking of vehicles on adjacent roads in Bhubaneswar which is creating traffic problems and other public nuisance.

Earlier, the BMC had announced to implement new guidelines for keeping animals as pets in Bhubaneswar soon.

As per BMC, this attracts action under section 91 of ODA Act 1982 for violating the approved plan. 

“If such conversions are not restored as parking as per the approved plan within one month of issue of this notice, actions under section 92 (2) shall be initiated against such violators through of the premises,” tweeted BMC.