Rashmi Rekha Das

Love is blind. And when it happens between two people, it does not see caste, creed, colour, religion and even physical disability. 

We often come across couples who according to us do not make a good match. In some cases the girl would be too pretty for the boy or in some cases the matches are poles apart. But when you dig into their love story, you would get to know how right Shakespeare was when he used the phrase ‘Love is Blind’ in his play The Merchant of Venice. 

Subhanshu and Debasmita fell in love with each other eight years back. Debasmita became wheelchair-bound  due to some reasons a year back. Subhranshu, who hails from Balasore, did not leave Debasmita and opt for other girl for marriage. Instead, he kept his promise to Debasmita. 

Talking to media, Shrubhansu said, “My love is nothing compared her love for me. Actually, she has taught me what true love is. We were into relationship for last eight years. But our love for each other has never diminished even after she became sick. Instead, our love keeps on rising with each passing day.”

“We met each other at college. But we misunderstood each other when we met each other for the first time. Gradually we became friends before developing feelings for each other. I have proposed to her over phone when I completed graduation and she confessed her love to me. Just because I married a girl who is wheelchair-bound, everyone praises me. Because no one sees her love and devotion towards me. I can vouch that had I been completely paralysed she would have given me much care and love than what I do for her,” maintained Subharnshu. 

Debasmita said, “He had never let me feel that I am a wheelchair user. No disease or any physical limitation will separate us.”