Can’t We Get Assistance For Our Dilapidated School Building: Students Ask Odisha Govt

Balasore: While it is claimed that efforts are on to improve the education system in Odisha with massive inflow of funds and adequate planning, the reality doesn’t seem matching the argument when we look at a school in Balasore district where the lives of students are at stake.

Around 100 students of Choudhurykuda Primary School under Baliapada block in the district sit in dingy classrooms with crumbling walls and ramshackled roofs. Though it poses threat to their life, they have no other choice.

Helpless and aghast at the condition, a girl student said, “Our school is yet to get any assistance from the government. We suffer during rain and winter; snakes and other reptiles also pose threat to our life.”

She further questioned, “Should we study under such problems? Can’t we get any assistance from the government?”

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A parent, Gopal Chandra Mohanty said students are facing a lot of problems due to the dilapidated school building and many students have stopped going to school.

“The condition of the school building is alarming. It may collapse at anytime but the government is not taking any steps to renovate it,” alleged Mohanty.

Established in 1962, the school has six teachers but the required environment for students is missing, said another local.

“The condition of the building is in a danger state. We had informed the officials of the concerned department who later visited the school and admitted that it is in a dilapidated condition,” said headmaster of the school.

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However, Jaleswar Block Education Officer (BEO), Narayan Sahoo said he will look into the matter, which means the students may have to continue their studies putting life at risk for long.

“The Choudhurykuda school is a block-grant school. I will inquire into the matter and appraise the higher ups about it soon,” said the BEO.