BJD, BJP vie to claim credit for Gurupriya bridge in Malkangiri

Bhubaneswar: With only a few days remaining for inauguration of the Gurupriya bridge in Malkangiri, the ruling-BJD and BJP are vying to take credit for the bridge work.

Ahead of the formal inauguration of the structure scheduled on July 26, BJP questioned the rationale behind the State government’s effort to hijack the entire credit for the bridge.

Downplaying the charges, the BJD said that the saffron party is insecure about development works being carried out by the ruling party in the State.

“Construction of Gurupriya bridge is an achievement. But whose achievement it is? BSF set up a camp and kept a tight vigil for hassle-free construction work. The Centre prepared policy for Left Wing Extremist affected areas while the Home Ministry sanctioned money for the bridge. It is strange how the State government is bent upon snatching away the credit for it,” Samir Mohanty, BJP State vice president pointed out.

Countering the charges, BJD spokesperson, Sasmit Patra said, “As BJP is left with  no issues to rake up, it is making unnecessary statements. Gurupriya bridge is milestone in development work carried out by BJD during 18 years of its ruling in the State. The saffron party and others are insecure about their position after watching the pace in which CM is carrying out development activities in the State.”

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The much-awaited Gurupriya Bridge is envisioned to be the lifeline of 30,000 tribals in the cut-off areas of Chitrakonda in Malkangiri. The CM is scheduled to inaugurate the bridge on July 26.