17-year-old Odisha boy invents ‘cheapest’ anti-radiation mobile flip cover

Bhubaneswar: He is just 17, but the dream in his eyes and the passion within to even reach out to the stars to bring a change in the society, slowly turned things from impossible to possible for him. Meet Ayush Acharya of Bhubaneswar who has successfully invented a mobile flip cover, using biodegradable resources like bael leaf and cow dung, which is not only affordable but has the capacity to absorb harmful radiation to a large extent.

Ayush first observed that the systematic arrangement of particles found on bael leaf under microscope releases positive energy.

After experimenting different layers of bael leaf in cold lamination and hot lamination and then mixing separately again by adding cow dung with bael leaf in different amounts, Ayush dried them for one week and used them for back flip cover. The product was tested with EMF detector scientifically resulting in less radiation.

Speaking to OTV, the wonder boy said, “Actually I want to thank my guide teacher Rajashree Ma’am. She inspired me a lot to work for the society and motivated me to prepare a product which everyone can afford. When I experimented the product in the laboratory, uniform particles were formed which later proved that it substantially creates a positive energy.”

He continued, “I gave it a thought on what can be done with this. The first thing that struck my mind was a mobile back cover, which can absorb the radiation. After as many as 170 observations and 250 surveys, I reached a conclusion that my Experiment-13, the solution of which was successful, can absorb all types of radiation without affecting the clarity of the cover.”

Ayush further explained, “Generally, radiation should be below 0.5 Tesla but the radiation level in a few mobile phones used by the modern society ranges from 1.35-10.6 Tesla, which is extremely harmful for the human brains, and can even cause cancer.”

On the advantages the bael leaf cover has over other flip/back covers, Ayush said, “This is almost zero cost. The ones we get outside cost much expensive and not everyone can afford those flip covers. This is ecofriendly and easily decomposable. If we compare it with the products in market, this will certainly prove much better.”