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Raids at Mistaken Address Lands House Owner In Hospital; GST Authorities Refute Charge

Rourkela: A retired Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) Employee suffered brain stroke after GST (Goods and Services Tax) officials allegedly raided his house at Sector-8 area on Wednesday.

Later, the GST officials left the house after knowing that they had raided the wrong house, sources said. However, the Rourkela GST Commissionerate and Intelligence denied any kind of raid by their officials.

On the other hand, 72-year-old Sibnath Prasad, whose house was raided, has been admitted to a private hospital in Bhubaneswar and his condition is said to be critical. The family members of Prasad informed that the officials left after searching the house for couple of hours saying that they had entered at wrong address.

As per reports, Prasad was staying in the house with his wife and son since last year. It may be noted that the quarter was allotted to him on license fee basis, an option which is available only for the employees of RSP.

Reportedly, four persons including a woman identifying themselves as GST officers reached Prasad’s quarter- A/104 in Sector- 8 area of the city at around 5.30 AM on Wednesday and started searching the house. The officials claimed that they had received complaints of transactions of crores of rupees without tax payment from the house. Though Prasad and his family tried to stop them and pleaded innocence, the officials went ahead with the raid.

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Prasad, who was in utter shock due to the raid, fell unconscious and was immediately rushed to Ispat General Hospital (IGH) by his family members. They were also accompanied by two GST officials.

“He (Prasad) is an honest man. His blood pressure increased after the officials entered his house for raids and he later suffered a brain stroke,” alleged Prasad’s neighbour Ariar Jal.

Later, Prasad was shifted to a private hospital in Bhubaneswar after being referred by the doctors at the IGH.

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