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Rashmi Ranjan

Paralakhemundi: Adding another feather to his cap Arush Mishra, a four-year-old toddler from Jangam Sahi area here managed to secure a place in 'Exclusive World Records' for his exceptional memory power and ability to recite shlokas and rhymes in different languages at this tinder age.

Arush, who also made it to 'Indian Book Of Records' earlier, can recite Sanskrit shlokas and poems in Hindi, English and Odisha languages. Moreover, the wonder toddler can also name the Presidents of many countries and has knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Astrophysics and many more.

Expressing happiness over her son's success Monali Acharya said, "My son had earlier found place in 'Indian Book Of Records' and now he made it to the 'Exclusive World Records'. He has also been selected for 'Universal Global Records'."

"He is God gifted and has a strong memory power which helped him achieve this feat," Arush's mother said.

Arush' father Abhijit Mishra is also overwhelmed by the success of his son and said, "My son aims to become a doctor or a scientist. We will work accordingly so that he can achieve his career goal."

(Edited By Ramakanta Biswas)

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