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Dilip Kumar

Sunabeda (Koraput): In a bizarre incident, a woman died by hanging herself soon after posting a video describing the cause of taking the extreme step at HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd) area here in Koraput district.

The deceased identified Srabani Mallik took the drastic step due to severe mental duress, she said through her video. Mallick also held her in-laws and some employees of the HAL responsible for her suicide.

Her husband Anand Mandal, who was an employee of HAL, had died few days ago. After the death of her husband, she had a dispute with few fellow employees at the HAL over some financial transaction.

Mallick said in the video that some staff of the company had been inflicting mental torture on her over some financial transaction, which pushed her into state of mental agony.

She was seen crying in the video while saying “ they will not allow me to live peacefully. They are torturing me over phone every day. They had taken our money and after the death of Mandal Babu, they tortured me.”

On the other hand, Sunabeda police seized the hanging body of Mallik and registered a case of unnatural death. Sundabeda police IIC Bhimsen Nayak said persons who were named by the woman before her death will come under the purview of investigation.

A case of suicide has been registered. We are investigating into the case. She had named some names before killing self. They will be brought under the probe,” the IIC said.

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