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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Jajpur: The district administration of Jajpur has asked authorities to shut down all primary and high schools in Korei and Vyasanagar area of the district in view of a stray elephant that has been causing peril in the region for the past few days.

As per reports, the tusker was initially spotted venturing into Vyasanagar area from Pachhikote forest four days back. Tracking officials witnessed that the pachyderm was injured.

During movement near human settlements, the tusker reportedly killed one person three days back and it again trampled two men named Ishwar Das and Chintamani Ram from Godipatana and Radhapatana village respectively to death yesterday. Three other persons including a forest department official were also injured by the tusker attack.

Narrating about the incident, Manoranjan Sahu, a person who sustained injuries in attack by the tusker said, “We were caught unaware of the elephant as it suddenly came from nowhere and attacked me but fortunately I survived.”

Meanwhile, taking note of the troubles caused by the elephant, the forest department has launched a drive to send it into deep jungle.


Jajpur Road Ranger, Devendra Patnaik said, “Personnel of the entire division have been deployed for this operation. We have apprised the higher ups about the situation and asked their permission to tranquilize the elephant so that it can be shifted.”

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