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Kalahandi: An alleged spooky encounter in the dead of the night in a remote village which was captured on camera has created a sensation in the tribal dominated district after the video went viral on Thursday.

The alleged video was shot by a villager from Chikili village under Junagarh block of Kalahandi district.

As per reports, late on Thursday night the villager was travelling back to his home with some of his friends on a tractor when they encountered a human-like figure walking alone in the middle of the road wearing a white saree. In the shadowy video, the figure could be seen walking towards the tractor, leaving the passengers shudder in frenzy.

After the driver pulled the breaks and stopped the engine, the figure without a head or legs stopped and tried to move away from the glare of the tractor’s powerful headlights.

After a while, the passengers got hysteric and begin screaming. As per reports, some of them abandoned the vehicle and ran backwards for cover while the horrified driver struggled to restart the vehicle.

The figure meanwhile quietly drifted away before melting into the bushes lining the dusty road fluttering the white saree.

Though fear and panic has gripped the village after the video went viral, there has been no response from the local administrations over the authenticity of the video.


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