Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Puri/Rourkela: Amid the celebratory mood across the state on Utkala Dibasa, which marked Odisha's 80th birthday today; inadequate usage of Odia language fuelled protests across the State.

Odisha Assembly has made it mandatory to use Odia language on signboards after passing the amendment bill on May 1, 2018. But, many have failed to comply with the rules and instructions, it is alleged.

Intellectuals expressed their displeasure and dissatisfaction over non-compliance with the rules, which were passed with an objective of increasing awareness and encouraging use of Odia language.

Starting from the signboard in front of Shree Jagannath Temple's Singhadwara to the commercial shops as well as several other government buildings across the holy city, there is no use of Odia language, said one of the protestors in Puri.

Likewise, resentment surfaced over use of English language on signboards and hoardings on different hotels, shopping malls, and commercial outlets across Rourkela city.

Rourkela resident Akshay Samal said, "We discuss about the topic of encouraging use of Odia language in every meeting to raise awareness, but we are really disappointed and surprised why people are not obeying the system."