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Samblapur: After a video of ruling-BJD's Rairakhol MLA, Rohit Pujari brandishing a sword went viral on social media, BJP's Sambalpur MLA Jaynarayan Mishra today alleged that all are not equal before the law in Odisha as the State govt adopts double standards.

“There is no law which prohibits brandishing of swords during religious processions, still a case was registered against me and later I was arrested under Arms Act. Though wielding of swords on such occasions is a tradition, I became a victim of vindictive politics,” alleged the BJP legislator.

He further said that he has no objection to the Rairakhol MLA brandishing sword during Muharram in Sambalpur as it was a part of the religious tradition. He further claimed that Bargarh BJD MLA Debesh Acharya had also in past brandished sword, but no action was taken against him.

“Why are there different rules for different people? Law should be equal for all,” Mishra added.

Responding to the allegation, Pujari said, “I wielded a wooden sword. Several people along with officials of the district administration were there. I never indulge in such irresponsible act which is against the law of the land.”

"It’s unfortunate that the BJP is trying to politicise the issue. The BJP is trying to defame me," he added.

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