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Vikash Sharma

Delhi/ Bhubaneswar: BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra on Monday slammed the Congress party for keeping mum over the brutal murder of Pari, a five-year-old girl from Nayagarh district whose skeletal remains were found days after she was kidnapped from near her residence, in July this year.

Slamming what he termed ‘the selective outrage’ of the Congress, Patra said both Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi had launched a campaign seeking justice for the rape and murder victim at Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. “They even visited her village in UP,” he said.

However, they are silent over the brutal murder of five-year-old Pari which has sparked a massive public outrage in Odisha.

“A minor girl was subjected to torture and killed in Odisha. I would like to ask Rahul Gandhi how much money the nine Congress MLAs in Odisha have taken from the BJD to remain silent,” questioned Patra.

Patra further said, “We know what is happening between the BJD and Congress. How is it that the Congress members knew there was no involvement of Minister Arun Sahoo in the case?” he further asked.

The BJP spokesperson slammed the selective attitude of Congress as Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi went to places in Hathras on motorcycles, but were silent over Pari issue.

“They (Rahul and Priyanka) have the right to visit anywhere in the country. They should answer why are they not standing for justice for Pari and siding with injustice instead,”|alleged Patra.

Meanwhile, responding to Patra’s charges, Odisha Congress Pradesh Committee (OPCC) President, Niranjan Patnaik said, “The allegations that BJD-Congress parties are one is not true. The BJP members are only doing drama as they lack any intent.”

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