Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday blamed the Congress regime during Manmohan Singh’s prime ministership to have derailed India’s economy and also for the abnormal rise in fuel prices. He alleged India’s economy nosedived during the previous government leading to a huge debt burden.

Pradhan also attributed the current rise in fuel prices to the sudden increase in crude oil prices in the international market. However, he assured that the present situation is 'temporary' and the country will overcome it soon.

"The Congress party left a huge debt burden on the country. Besides, the value of currencies across the world including Indian rupee has fallen sharply in comparison to the US dollar," said Pradhan.

Meanwhile, people across the country are feeling the pinch due to the steep hike in petrol and diesel prices.

While petrol and diesel prices touched Rs 78.84 and Rs 70.76 in New Delhi, people in Mumbai are shelling out Rs 87.25 and Rs 75.12 for a litre petrol and diesel respectively.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders could not be contacted for their reaction on Pradhan's allegations.