Vikash Sharma

Cuttack: The resurgence of Covid-19 cases has now forced the Commissionerate Police to issue strict guidelines for Dola Melan and Holi celebrations in the millennium city of Cuttack.

As per the latest guidelines issued by the Commissionerate Police, no playing of Holi is allowed in large scale manner by any kind of gathering or crowding in the city.

Similarly, no music system, loudspeaker, DJ will be allowed to be played on the day of Holi on March 29 on the roads and public places in the city.

“Though the festival of colours was celebrated with pomp and grandeur, it is felt necessary to observe Holi in a low key manner due to the outbreak of Covid-19. On the day of festival of Holi, public are allowed to observe the same in their own houses,” the notification read.

As per the tradition, the Dola Melan will be organized in Cuttack from March 23, 2021.

In the notification issued by Cuttack DCP, all Inspector-in-charge of police stations have been asked to instruct the organisers of Dola Melan to strictly follow the guidelines and take appropriate steps to prevent public gathering and to prevent spread of Covid-19.

Here are the key directions issued by DCP Cuttack:

-All the rituals of Dola Melan shall be organised in a low key manner.

-The gatherings/ crowd shall not be allowed more than 200 in the melan ground.

-In each Biman, there shall not be more than 10 persons including carriers, priest, ghantua, light man.

-No procession with musical instruments, lighting and crowd shall be allowed/ permitted from the village to the melan ground.

-No use of music, loudspeaker shall be allowed/ permitted at the melan ground.

-No one shall carry lathi/ stick with them.

-No cultural function shall allowed/ permitted during Dola Melan.

-No meena bazaar/ stall shall be installed near the place of melan ground.

-The function shall be organised in a limited time and not throughout the night.