Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar: If you think you can escape fine for traffic rule violations by evading the attention of on duty policemen, think twice.

A ‘Love Letter’ from the traffic police will follow your on-road antics and take you by surprise when it lands right at your doorstep, asking you to pay up the fine.

This because you may not have thought many eyes are keeping a close watch on you and the traffic cops are constantly monitoring the footage sitting at the control room.

“Don’t ever think that you can escape action after violating the traffic rules. You will definitely be caught one day and punished for the offence. If you manage to escape the traffic police, a ‘Love Letter’ will be sent to your home by the police asking you to pay up the fine,” said Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi.

Needless to say traffic police personnel will scan through the footage of CCTVs installed at various squares to nail the traffic offenders.

Speaking at the valedictory ceremony of month-long Traffic Awareness Month on Wednesday, Sarangi said Rs 25 crore has already been collected as fine from traffic offenders in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar within one year after the stricter traffic rules came into effect.

“On the basis of CCTV footages, around 350 challans are being issued every day for violation of traffic rules by motorists. The number will further increase in coming days,” cautioned Sarangi adding that certain motorists are still not obeying the traffic rules and waiting for the cops to catch hold of them.