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Three-day Raja festival concludes today

Bhubaneswar: After two days of festivities, the unique three-day festival of Raja that celebrates womanhood will conclude today. During the festival, young girls and women were seen wearing new attires, playing on the swings and savouring delicious pithas.

The festival has deeper connotations that reflect the strong correlation of mankind with mother nature and helps build a value system. Since time immemorial, Raja celebrates menstruation and thus, dedicates the three-day fest to women and womanhood.

It is believed that woman and mother earth go through menstrual periods during these three days. Young unmarried girls are not allowed to cut or cook or do anything that might make them tired or cause pain. Swings are hung in every house and girls take rest, gorging on traditional pithas and paan.

The fourth day of Raja festival, meant for Bhumi puja, is considered important for the farming community as farmers start ploughing their fields and begin the process of cultivation with the belief that they will reap a good produce.

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