Bhubaneswar: Artists can bring the past alive in the present. Such is the magic in their hands that they can even make non-living sketches appear hyper-realistic. Micro-artist Susrita Samantaray from Bhubaneswar is doing exactly that and her efforts to make various old monuments and temples of Odisha popular through her sketches, have made her a renowned name at the national level.

The 25-year-old, who is currently with the National Innovation Foundation as an innovation associate, has only an A4 size paper as her canvas while pens are the only tools. Promoting Odisha in her own way, Susrita showcases her creativity through her social media page 'Susritart’.

"Recently I decided to make people aware about the temples and monuments of Odisha as many are still unaware of our rich cultural heritage. I am trying to promote Odisha through my art in social media. I do these micro-arts and post it on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages," said Susrita.

The micro-artist took interest in doing sketches during her graduation in 2013 when she was studying Biotechnology. Though she has not received any formal training from any expert, she has managed herself to grow as a professional in this field.

"When I was studying Biotechnology, there was a subject Microbiology. From there I decided to name my art as micro-art. As I use pens to illustrate my designs, I do my work very patiently and carefully," said Susrita.

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Apart from the temples and monuments of Odisha, Susrita does scientific illustrations and as a science communicator, she designs booklets and posters as well.