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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: Worried over rampant misuse of hotels and other facilities by criminals, the Commissionerate Police has decided to roll out a mobile application for hoteliers to share information about guests visiting their establishments.

The App will help hoteliers share crucial information including guests list with the cops. The computerised system will also help the Twin City police maintain the data on a real-time basis which will be helpful in tracking down criminals.

At present, the hoteliers manually share the data including guest lists, their check-in and check-out details with local police stations. The information about foreign tourists is also being shared with police.

All this is being done as per the provisions of the Sarai Act, said Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash.

Dash further said that in several instances it was observed that the criminals used hotels and escaped after committing crimes.

“It is for the last few months that we have been trying to come up with an integrated system or App for this. The new facility has been developed but it's still in testing stage. Once all the facilities are ready, we will name the App,” said Dash.

Dash said that all the information shared by hotels will be treated ‘confidential’ and the privacy of guests will be protected.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)

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