Dilip Kumar

Berhampur:  In a strange event, a baby was born at MKCG Medical College and Hospital here in Ganjam district on Wednesday with a rare genetic disorder called Harlequin Ichtyhyosis.

The infant, who is now alive has left doctors, nurses and other medical staff stunned at the premier health institute. According to reports, the newborn needs critical medical assistance to survive for some days.

As per the studies, this is a kind of disease which affects one among five to 10 lakh newborns approximately. The chance of survival of babies born with such a rare genetic disorder is very thin. However, the development of medical science with advanced neonatal care helps such infants to lead a fulfilling life.

Earlier, one such case was reported in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 2016 which is believed to be the first baby suffering from the rare disease. The infant could not survive long days and succumbed to the disease days after its birth, sources said.

The entire body of the baby was so strange and heart-wrenching that it is impossible to show on the TV screen.

All the organs of the newborn have been affected by the rare genetic disorder. The baby born with very thick and hard skin which has large diamond-shaped plates separated by deep cracks.

Study says the disease is caused by mutations in the ABCA 12 gene protein which plays a vital role in transporting fats in the cells which make up the outermost layer of the skin.