Mrunal Manmay Dash

Sambalpur: A controversy has erupted in Veer Surendra Sai Institute Of Medical Science and Research (VIMSAR), Burla following allegations against a doctor performing surgery on as many as 12 patients without disinfecting apparatus used earlier in the operation of an HIV positive patient.

As per the reports, an Assistant Professor of Dental Department in VIMSAR, Prashant Swain allegedly performed surgery on 12 patients in the same operation theatre without disinfecting the apparatus after operating an HIV positive patient on Monday.

After the matter came to the fore, the entire Dental department was shut down and quarantined for disinfection. The incident has now led to a dispute between the concerned doctor and the HOD Anup Satapathy who has reportedly informed the Dean and Superintendent of VIMSAR about the alleged negligence of Swain.

"As per the protocol followed immediately after the surgery on HIV patient, the operation theatre is immediately closed and sanitised but, I don’t know what made Dr. Prashant resort to this kind of negligence,” said Satapathy.

However, Swain refuted the allegations levelled against him. “I came to know about the patient’s HIV only after bringing him into the operation theatre. I informed about the situation to the HOD, but he insisted me to make the patient let go without the surgery. However, when I saw that his health condition was not good, I decided to operate on him on humanitarian grounds only after following all guidelines.”

“No doctor washes or sanitises the equipment after surgery on his own. It’s the job of attendants and nurses. I am confused how the affairs inside an OT were made public. It’s a conspiracy against me,” added Swain.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent of VIMSAR, Proff. Lalmohan Nayak said, “There have been no violations of any guideline what-so-ever. A doctor can’t discriminate with a HIV patient. However, Dr. Swain should have informed us about the matter earlier.”

“It is very unfortunate if such an incident has happened. I have directed our department for an inquiry into it. Stern action will be taken if anyone is found guilty, “Odisha Health Minister, Naba Das said.

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