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Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) is supplying liquid medical oxygen (LMO) to different hospitals of Odisha and other states for treatment of COVID-19 which has seen a sudden spurt in cases, an official statement by RSP said.

The SAIL plant has stepped up its liquid oxygen generation so that it can supply it to hospitals during the crisis being faced by the country. While the gaseous oxygen it produces is being used for sustenance of the plant processes, the entire production of liquid oxygen is being provided for medical use, the statement said.

The three air separation units of RSP’s oxygen plant is prodcuing oxygen in gaseous form for use in the making of hot metal and steel. The LMO is being supplied to Ispat General Hospital of RSP, it said.

The plant is operating two more air separation units on build, own, operate basis by Linde India Ltd to meet its oxygen demand.

Since April 2020, the oxygen plants of RSP along with Linde India has supplied more than 7,740 tonnes of LMO to Odisha, as well as other states to meet the requirement of this vital life saving item, the statement said.

Though tanker availability is a bottleneck, 572 tonnes of LMO has been supplied so far to Odisha and other states so far this month, it said.

RSP has also developed COVID care and isolation centres and is running vaccination centres at its Ispat General Hospital, which is equipped with testing center, plasma bank, the statement added.

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