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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday alleged that testing has taken a backseat even as Odisha is going through a crucial phase in the on-going battle against Covid-19 in the backdrop of a steep rise in daily infections.

Stating that the Odisha government has failed to discharge its duties which has led to a spike in Covid infections in different parts of the State, BJP leader Prithviraj Harichandan said, “Setting up required healthcare facilities is a prime duty of the State government. Instead of appreciating the Centre’s helping hand in pandemic times, State government officials are indulging in criticism.”

The BJP leader further alleged that no step is being taken by the State government to accelerate the testing rate in Odisha. The infection is rising due to lack of testing in panchayat and rural areas.

The way testing was intensified in the first phase, similar measures need to be undertaken at PHC, CHC and other facilities now. Due to lack of testing, people are not being able to realise their health status.

BJP has posed a number of question and suggested measures to combat Covid-19 in the State…

– The rise in Covid cases is due to lack of testing. The State government needs to ramp up testing across the State.

– Though Odisha government claims that there is adequate stock of oxygen, a clear picture is yet to emerge. What is the exact quantity available in the State, the government needs to clarify.

– The government needs to make provisions to ensure oxygen availability at Temporary Covid Centres (TMCs).

– State government needs to clarify how much oxygen is being supplied to various districts.

– The Centre had provided over 500 ventilators to Odisha in the first phase. There is no clarity whether such ventilators have been utilised or not.

– In the second phase, Centre has started process to provide 10 ventilators to each district in the country. What process the State government has taken to ensure this facility is available in each district.

– Home isolation is not the solution. The situation will go out of hand if the State government doesn’t set up temporary medical centres and other facilities at the earliest.

Responding to BJP’s allegations, BJD leader Sushant Singh said, “The entire world is now watching India. Already Odisha government has taken several proactive measures to protect the lives of people. BJP is in the habit of making such allegations.”


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