Vikash Sharma

Sundergarh: Some instances prove that corruption is so deeply rooted that you simply cannot get your work done without paying a bribe to corrupt officials, be it government babus or even an ordinary clerk in Odisha.

Still not convinced, sample the case of Namita Majhi of Sundergarh who was asked to pay Rs 60,000 for the job of a cook at the Ekalavya Adarsh School at Bhanipur in Sundergarh district.

As per reports, a Physical Education Teacher (PET) of the school, Amaranand Patnaik had demanded the bribe from Namita’s husband.

Sources said Namita’s father was earlier working as a cook in the same school. After his death due to cancer, the school management decided to handover the job to Namita and already a file in this regard was moved regarding the appointment.

However, the matter got complicated after the principal of the school had to leave for Bhubaneswar on some official work and handed over the charge to the PET. It was during this period that the PET demanded Rs 60,000 from Namita’s husband for completing necessary formalities regarding her appointment. Namita’s family alleged that they had even paid Rs 51,000 to the PET.

Meanwhile, a purported audio-clip believed to be of a telephonic conversation between Namita’s husband and the PET has also gone viral on social media.

“PET had demanded Rs 60,000 and we had paid him Rs 51,000. I had no money but somehow, I managed to arrange the money by selling some gold ornaments,” alleged Namita’s husband.

However, the PET Amaranand Patnaik refuted the allegations levelled against him.

“I have not demanded or taken any money,” said Patnaik.

When contacted, Bijay Badaika, in-charge principal of the school said, “As I had gone to Bhubaneswar for some training, the entire incident occurred during my absence. I have got a written complaint from the woman and will conduct a school-level inquiry and report the matter to higher authorities.”