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Rath Yatra: Chaka Dera ritual concludes in Puri

Puri: Just a few weeks before the world famous chariot festival of Lord Jagannath kicks off in Puri, the ‘Chaka Dera’ ritual completed in the pilgrim city on Tuesday.

The ‘Chaka Dera Anukula’ or the initiation of chariot wheels ceremony for the upcoming festival began on the concluding day of ‘Bahara Chandan Yatra’ of the Holy Trinity which is also known as ‘Bhaunri’ festival and was completed on Tuesday, a day after ‘Sital Sasthi’.

With the completion of Chaka Dera ritual, ‘Akha Sanjogikaran Karyakram’ or fixing of all the 42 wheels of the three chariots of Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Devi Subhadra with their respective axles was carried out by ‘Maharana’ and ‘Bhoi’ servitors.

As per the tradition, the Chaka Dera ritual of Lord Balabhadra’s chariot Taladhwaja was carried first followed by the ritual of Nandighosa and Darpadalana chariot.

Today, the ‘Muhanti Badia’ work or tightening of hubs of the wheel with the axles will be done.

“As per the directive of the Maharana, we Bhoi servitors carry out all the fittings in all the three chariots. We have completed fixing of all the axles and wheels of the chariots as per schedule. Construction of ‘Danda’ and installation of ‘Guja’ (the wooden plate connecting wheel base and floor of chariot) and Niradi has also been completed,” informed Bhoi Sardar Rabindra Bhoi.

Ahead of the Snana Purnima of the Lords on June 16, the Bhoi servitors have also been asked to complete construction of ‘Chari Nahaka’ (four pillars) of the chariot.

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