Suryakant Jena

Puri: Devotees at Puri Srimandir were seen today making a queue outside and inside the Srimandir to have a darshan of the Trinity. This practice of queuing up (Dhadi Darshan) came into force today after the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) implemented it.

However, when the temple gate was thrown open for public in the wee hours today, some devotees including women entered the Srimanidr en masse without obeying the Dhadi Darshan rule.

Activists of the Shree Jagannath Sena and local women uprooted the barricades put up at the temple. They questioned the implementation of queue system even when there was not much crowd.

“There is no need of a queue system as it is Puri temple not a museum,” said a devotee.

Commenting on the incident, SJTA chief administrator Pradipta Mohapatra said, “Along with Puri Collector, SP, IG and other administration officials, I entered the temple in the queue system and paid obeisance to deities. There is no obstacle and disturbances anywhere. Devotees are having disciplined darshan. On a trial basis, the queue system has been implemented and the frequency will be increased subsequently after getting feedback. Disabled and elderly persons can enter the temple through the other three gates.”

Puri Collector Jyoti Prakash Das said, “The system has been implemented on trial basis and devotees should have obeyed it. The deviation in the system from the beginning of its implementation is not a good sign. CCTV footage will be examined to find out who were involved in the disruption. Some tried to foil our plans to implement reforms at the temple.”

On protest against the new system of darshan by local residents and servitor groups, Das said that the matter is under consideration and a decision for the benefit of all will be taken quickly.

As per the new system called (Dhadi Darshan), devotees will enter the temple premises through the Singha Dwara (Lion’s Gate) by forming a queue and move inside through barricades. Men and women have separate barricades for smooth and hassle-free movement. After having darshan of the deities, devotees will exit through the Uttar Dwara (North Gate).

The temple administration has planned to implement the new system on an experimental basis once every week till the month of Kartik, sources said.

Following the hiccups and resentment over implementation of the queue system, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) subsequently took a slew of measures to pacify the situation.

As per the decision, devotees will no longer have to wait in queues to get ‘Mahaprasad’ as they will be allowed through the 'Uttar Dwara' to 'Ananda Bazaar.'

Similarly, special measures will also be taken for divyang devotees.

“We urge servitors, locals, devotees and others to cooperate in implementation of new reform measures,” said SJTA chief administrator, Pradipta Mohapatra.