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Pratap Sarangi’s maiden LS speech leaves Parliamentarians speechless

New Delhi: Pratap Sarangi, Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, stunned all present in the Parliament with his oratory skills during his maiden speech in the 17th Lok Sabha today while tabling the Motion of Thanks on President Ram Nath Kovind’s address.

Sarangi’s multi-lingual oratory skills came to fore as he spoke fluently in Hindi, English, Odia, Bengali and Sanskrit while describing the success story of the Modi-government at the Centre. He reiterated that PM Modi, as a ‘Pradhan Sevak,’ has taken the country to a new level and kept his promise.

Praising PM Modi, Sarangi said there was not a single blot of corruption on PM’s image in the last five years. “There is a Modi craze in every corner of the country. After Independence, for the first time a government has come to power again because of the work it has done,” Sarangi said.

Bringing in analogies from mythology to history, Sarangi emphasised that people rejected the “milavat” (adulterated) and accepted the pure, while referring to the Grand Alliance of the opposition in Uttar Pradesh which came together only to defeat Modi.

Sarangi said the Opposition was jealous of Modi and should not stand with the ‘tukde, tukde’ (Those in favour of breaking India) gang. He said such people have no place in the country.

Also citing the instance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who had praised Indira Gandhi in 1971 in Lok Sabha for bringing Pakistan to surrender, Sarangi questioned the Opposition on what is preventing them from appreciating someone, who has done so much good for the country with schemes and programmes.

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