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Devbrat Patnaik

Paralakhemundi: Children are considered as their parents' support system in old age. But is it that big a dream to expect a little love and selfless service from the offspring? Janaki Adhikari is 75, helpless, neglected even though she stays with her son and daughter-in-law.

Robbed off service and care, the elderly woman from Gopini street in Paralakhemundi requested the Gajapati SP to poison her. If this is not possible, she said, she wants to donate her house to the government for conversion into an old-age home, where she can stay peacefully along with other abandoned parents.

"I do not want to share the property between my daughters and son. I want to donate this house to the government so that they can convert it into an old-age home. I'll stay along with other neglected parents. Kill me if this is not possible," said the woman.

Janaki has huge assets and a big house in her name. Her husband Ramachandra Adhikari passed away years ago and 17 years back when her son got married, off went her peace and happiness, she alleged.

Lending a helping hand, Gajapati SP Sarah Sharma said, "She (Janaki) has plans to make her house an old-age home and keep elderly persons there. We have asked her to talk to the Collector who will initiate the process. Law will take its own course. If the woman files an FIR, we will act on it."

On the other hand, Janaki's daughter-in-law Anita has questioned her decision of donating the house to the government. Refuting the allegations, Anita said, "We have an equal share in the property. She is not the lone owner, the house is in the name of my husband as well. We have no problem if she wants to donate the temple to the old-age home. But she has no rights to decide everything on her own and bestow the entire property. How can we stay shut over this?"

True. Parents are becoming a burden on a few children who know how to share the property, but have no moral values to share love the elders deserve.

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